Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Computing and Communication, (Quantum) Machine Learning


Aug. 2020 to present
PhD student at Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA, CNRS, Université Paris Saclay under the supervision of Nicolas Sangouard
- Self-testing two-qubit maximally entangled states from generalized CHSH test arXiv:2011.03047
Talks & Conferences:
- Qhack 2021 - Participation to the Qhack challenges (qualified) - GDR IQFA’11 - Poster on Robust self-testing of the singlet
Sept. 2018 to Aug. 2020
Research Assistant at Quantum Optics Theory Group (Nicolas Sangouard), University of Basel (Basel, Switzerland)
- Device-independent quantum key distribution from generalized CHSH inequalities arXiv:2009.01784
- What is the minimum CHSH score certifying that a state resembles the singlet? Quantum 4, 246 (2020)
Talks & Conferences:
- 9th NCCR QSIT Winter School + General Meeting (Arosa, CH) - DPG 2019 (Freiburg, DE) - Talk given on Device-independent certification of an elementary quantum network
- Quantum Information 2019 (Benasque, ES) - Talk given about my Master Thesis
- 8th NCCR QSIT Winter School (Arosa, CH)
- Quantum Information Theory (FS 2019)
- Physics 4 - Introduction to quantum information and quantum optics (SS 2019)
- Quantum Information and Computation (FS 2018)
Apr. 2018 to Sept. 2018
Master Thesis at Quantum Information Theory Group (Antonio Acin), ICFO (Barcelona, Spain)
Master thesis project on Machine Learning for Nonlocality Detection in Multipartite System under the supervision of Joseph Bowles, Gabriel Senno and Antonio Acin.
Publication : thesis available here
Jun. 2017 to Jul. 2017
Master Project at Quantum Correlations Group (Nicolas Brunner), University of Geneva, (Geneva, Switzerland)
Summer internship on Semi-Device Independent Quantum Random Number Generator, under the supervision of Jonatan Bohr Brask and Nicolas Brunner.
Publication : internship report available here


2016 to 2018
Master in Subatomic Physics, pass with merit Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France
2013 to 2016
Bachelor in Physics, pass with merit Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France
Erasmus+ (FS 2015), University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland

Technical Skills and Knowledge

  • Physics:
    • Quantum Information Theory
    • Quantum Optics
    • Quantum Machine Learning

  • Programming: