Xavier Valcarce

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Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Computing and Communication, Machine Learning, Numerical Modelisation


Sept. 2018 - present

Research Assistant at Qauntum Optics Theory (Nicolas Sangouard), University of Basel (Basel, Switzerland)

Work as a research assistant in the Quantum Optics Group of Nicolas Sangouard. Main topics I explore are Self-Testing and Machine Learning method for Quantum Information.

Publication: Work in Progress

Apr. 2018 - Sept. 2018

Master Thesis at Quantum Information Theory group (Antonio Acin), ICFO (Barcelona, Spain)

Master thesis project on Machine Learning for Nonlocality Detection in Multipartite System under the supervision of Joseph Bowles, Gabriel Senno and Antonio Acin.
This project implied both machine learning and quantum information knowledge. We trained a Domain Adversarial Neural Network to detect nonlocal correlations, from single and second order body correlators, indepently of the number of parties. We achieved a detection accuracy of more than 60% while avoiding false-positive.

Publication : thesis available here

Jun. 2017 - Jul. 2017

Master Project at Quantum Correlations (Nicolas Brunner), University of Geneva, (Geneva, Switzerland)

Summer internship on Semi-Device Independent Quantum Random Number Generator, under the supervision of Nicolas Brunner. We explore a way to improve a previously designed QRNG based on Unambiguous State Discriminations by enhancing the number of states in time bin encoding. This leads to a more robust entropy againt noise and lost, however robustness gain decreases with th number of states.

Publication: internship report available here


2016 - 2018
MSc in Subatomic Physics, pass with merit; Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France
2013 - 2016
BSc in Physics, pass with merit; Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France
Autumn 2015: Erasmus, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland

Technical Skills and Knowledge

Computer Science

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